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iWeb-Wrapper 2.0 (No more popups!)

What is it?

iWeb-Wrapper is exactly what its name suggests. It is a web wrapper that allows you to easily package your website, web-app or game hosted on the internet into an iOS-compatible IPA file, ready to be deployed to users without the hassle of dealing with native code.

How does it work?

You simply configure a URL for the app to load by modifying a text file located within the IPA file. Install the IPA package on your iPhone or iPod touch and you've just made your very own native web-app!

How do I "wrap"/redirect to my website using iWeb-Wrapper?

Open the downloaded sample app package found below using a ZIP viewer (preferably 7zip).
Navigate to Payload > iWeb-Wrapper.app and simply drag and drop the file named "WebApp.txt" onto your desktop.
Open the file using a text editor and then simply change the URL to the webpage of your web-app.
Save the text file and then drag and drop it back into the IPA package.
Lastly, install the IPA onto your device (preferably with IPA Installer - developer bias). You'll see the webpage load right inside of the app. It's as easy as that!

You may also want to change the icons and the Springboard display name which are just as easy to do.

Where do I get the sample app package?

You can download the latest sample app package here:
Download Package >