Minecraft PE World Inventory Editor - Shersy

Minecraft PE: World Inventory Editor

Use your PC to hack your inventory in Minecraft Pocket Edition, survival and creative!
Compatible with PC, Mac and Linux.


Version: 0.1


  1. Connect your device to your PC and use iFunBox to grab the "level.dat" file located at /User/Applications/MinecraftPE/Documents/games/com.mojang/mineCraftWorlds/WORLD_NAME/ on your device and drag it onto your desktop
  2. Launch Minecraft PE World Inventory Editor, choose File > Open and navigate to the "level.dat" file you transferred from your device
  3. Edit any items or blocks in your inventory. Once done, choose File > Save.
  4. Copy the "level-new.dat" file back into your device at the directory specified above
  5. Delete the "level.dat" file in your device and then Rename the "level-new.dat" file to "level.dat"
  6. Launch Minecraft and you'll see your new items and blocks!