Minecraft PE World Inventory Editor - Shersy

Minecraft PE: World Inventory Editor

Use your PC to hack your inventory in Minecraft Pocket Edition, survival and creative! Works for current and newer versions too!
Compatible with PC, Mac and Linux.


Version: 0.1


  1. Connect your device to your PC and use iFunBox to grab the "level.dat" file located at /User/Applications/MinecraftPE/Documents/games/com.mojang/mineCraftWorlds/WORLD_NAME/ on your device and drag it onto your desktop
  2. Launch Minecraft PE World Inventory Editor, choose File > Open and navigate to the "level.dat" file you transferred from your device
  3. Edit any items or blocks in your inventory. Once done, choose File > Save.
  4. Copy the "level-new.dat" file back into your device at the directory specified above
  5. Delete the "level.dat" file in your device and then Rename the "level-new.dat" file to "level.dat"
  6. Launch Minecraft and you'll see your new items and blocks!