Save-Game Tool Sources

Learn how to create a source for your SGT save files!

Please NOTE: Sources are only available starting from Save-Game Tool v1.1 and above.

Just like Cydia repositories (A.K.A. "sources"), Save-Game Tool will allow you and your users to extend the amount of visible data. Creating a SGT source is very easy as it uses a well-known file type called "Property Lists", if you have basic XML knowledge at all you can be up and running with your new source in no time! You can find an example of a two-item SGT source here.

Every catalogue item consists of a name, description, author, bundle-identifier or the internal app name (for the game) and a download link with an optional choice of having notes.

The bundle-identifier is what allows Save-Game Tool to find the game that needs to be hacked, this is basically an identifier that can be noted within the game's Info.plist file with the CFBundleIdentifier string, alternatively you can use the internal app name. This is the app's executable file with a suffix of .app; one example of an internal app name is which refers to the popular game, Infinity Blade II. It is highly recommended that you use the app's bundle-identifier rather than the app's internal app name as the internal app name of some games are NOT unique; take for example, Infinity Blade and Infinity Blade II - both of these games use the internal app name of, this can cause Save-Game Tool to replace the wrong file for the wrong game and in turn corrupt the user's progress. Again, it is highly recommended to use the app's bundle-identifier rather than the app's internal name as the bundle-identifer of an app is always unique. The difference between the internal app name and the bundle-identifer of the app have been highlighted in the above sample source.

After you've done setting up your source, just upload the source file to your server and name it list.plist, when you are adding the source to SGT you do not necessarily have to add the full path to the file. For example, adding the source: is similar to though I recommend not appending list.plist at the end of the URL.

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